Birmingham Fencing Club

Who's Who

Club Committee

Hon President Graham Ayliffe
Hon Vice-President Austen Moore
Hon Secretary Joan Whitehouse
Hon Treasurer Guy Oddy
Director of Coaching Mike Whitehouse
Archivist & Asst.Sec David Wray
Adult Welfare Officer & Social Sec. David Wray
Junior Welfare Officer & Club Armourer Roger Simmonds
Marketing and Promotion Bob Egan
Webmasters Roger Simmonds & Stormy Lovell
University of Birmingham Representative George Schroeder
Committee Member Tom Howard
Committee Member Jacob Gibbons


Head Coach
Mike Whitehouse.
3 weapon professional coach. BFA, BAF, and EF Coach Educator.

Supported by amateur coaches:
J. Whitehouse, D. Wray, R. Simmonds, J. Gibbons,
G. Airey, B. Airey.


Roger Simmonds is leading continuing activies around maintaining our Clubmark status.

Social and Events

David Wray

Website Coordinator

Roger Simmonds Email

Last updated 20.Dec.2015